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How to get good night sleep and what are impacts in your life style

Good sleep is a more important thing in our life. We sleep in time that makes you feel energized and alert the next day. when you get good night sleep you were being engaged and active not only feels great but increases your chances for another good night’s sleep. When you wake up feeling refreshed, use that energy to get out into the daylight, do active things, and are engaged with your world. You will better the next night and increase your daily energy that’s why you need to get good sleep.

To get Good Sleep in bad times

 Key point benefit for good sleep:

  • Sleep improves your memory
  • Sleep may help you lose weight
  • Napping makes you smarter
  • Sleep may reduce the risk of depression
  • Sleep helps the body repair itself
  • Live longer
  • Super creativity
  • Be a winner
  • Improve grades
  • Sharper attention
  • Have a healthy weight
  • Avoid accidents
  • Enjoy a healthy life

Beds, mattress, pillows, sheets, and sleeping suits affect the quality of your sleep. Your mattress should be comfortable and supportive so that you wake up feeling rested. You fell not achy or stiff that’s reason help you to get good sleep.

Beds and mattress style are change in centuries because people are civilized and they need good sleep and they also want to change their lifestyle. The new beds and mattress are designed to the basis on softness, fire resistance, ventilation, arthritis.That are a benefit for health and also to get good sleep.

How beds and mattress effect on lifestyle

First of all, nobody would spend a whole life on single beds and mattress. They need to change a bed and mattress time to time because of the new style of bed and mattress arrival in the market and everyone needs to get rid of his old bed. New design beds is a very important thing that is helping to get good sleep for a person.

The whole world depends on new cultural. People are civilized day by day. Civilization will arrive when a new culture is formed. Are you confused? So don’t worry we can explain everything. The culture meaning when raw materials are used to form finished goods is called culture. While the beds and mattress style is changing. The bed is probably an important piece of furniture in the life of every person which are helpful in healthy sleep.

We may enjoy comfortable beds and organic mattress now, but obviously it was not always like that. We show you how the bed design changed over the last 5 centuries. And also explain what are those things which are used in the century and how to get good night sleep.

16-17th centuries:

It is during the renaissance era that beds became elaborate. They become a status symbol. The design included canopies and posts, ornate carvings, inlaid paintings, and luxurious fabric curtains. They were sometimes decorated with precious stones and jewels. The goodness even used to receive guests while in their beds to show off their most valuable possession.

Ropes and wooled straps server as a support for the mattresses that were made of pea shucks, straw, or sometimes feathers, stuffed into coarse ticks and covered with velvets, brocades, or silk which are help to get a good sleep in this century.

Goods sleep for night

18th century:

During the 18th century, beds became simpler in style, although still often surrounded by heavy curtains. While beds were still usually made of wood, metal bedframes were starting to become popular as well. Cotton-stuffed mattresses replaced down or hay, although they were still suspended in the bed frame with a system of wool, straps, or ropes. These things are helping to get good sleep as well.

One of the biggest changes during the 18th century, however, was that the concept of the bedroom as a private space for sleep which throughout all classes of society. No longer did nobility or the wealthy receive visitors in their bedroom, and it was no longer typical to have servants sleeping on the bedroom floor.

Healthy sleep for night

19th century:

During the 19th century, bedrooms began to resemble the ones we have nowadays. The style of beds became much simpler wood carvings and ornate details were replaced by elegant lines. Heavy curtains gradually went out of fashion, and footboards in these period beds were primarily made of mahogany and satinwood with the mass production of bed parts which are helping in to get good sleep. They became cheap so that everyone could afford them.

In 19th century, bedrooms became more like the ones we enjoy today, mostly devoted to sleep, although if u were a during this time, you would bedroom for giving birth.

During the second half-century, thanks to the industrial revolution, the steel coil spring was invented and began to be used for bedding, so ropes and wool straps were no longer used for support. And in 1871 German inventor created the first innerspring mattress.

19th century Bed

20th century:

The 20th century brought many new designs and innovations in the bed industry. The Murphy was introduced by an American designer William Laurence Murphy, it is also known as wall bed. In 20th century murphy bed can be foldable. The Murphy bed and the water bed both were invented and rose in popularity during this era. But those certainly weren’t the only mattress improvements: the two most common types of mattress today innerspring and memory foam were both developed during the 20th century. This beds height low between the floor and bed base which are helpful in safety and also to get good sleep.

20th century Bed

21st century:

Today, you have more choices than ever before when it comes to your mattress and style of bed. Innerspring, memory foam, hybrids, latex and air are just some of the mattress types available and these things are very important in this century which attracts the person because every person wants to get good and healthy sleep. While platform beds and four-poster are still very popular styles, there are many other types of bed: wrought iron, sleigh, bunk, loft, and futon, to name a few. The bed has come a long way since the earliest grass-lined pits, but the basic concept is unchanged. The comfortable, safe and cosy spot to sleep and restore your energies through the night

21st century Bed


The most benefits for living in today’s world is the simplest delight of slipping in between soft sheets on a supportive, comfortable, different sizes,   arthritis, leg swelling, and diabetes patient relief. The beds and mattress are also prevent of fire relief which are positive effect on good sleep. So as compared to 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 21st century is easier, increase lifestyle, and more comfortable and also resolve your health issue, you will healthy life.


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