What is Divan Bed? What are its pros and cons?

Divan beds

Divan Bed is among most popular and simple beds available in UK market. These beds come in the countless verities, colour, shape etc. Usually Divan is a bed base.  Then you may add a mattress and headboard, sometimes as a part of complete bed package. There are two types of divan bed bases available in market. Pocket sprung divans have a hard top and will give a firmer feel, although overall firmness of the bed will depend on the mattress you choose. Divan beds pro include these beds are very popular because of its reasonable low prices. These beds are low in prices and come in different varieties. The most beneficent feature of these beds is extra storage option.

These beds comes in sizes like Different sizes like

Single Bed

Double Bed

5ft King Size Bed

6ft Super King Size Bed


Cons Include that these beds don’t comes in more styles like other beds. Only some of divan beds provide extra storage option.

Divan bed pros

The most widely available type of bed

They tend to be cheaper than other types of bed

There are lots of sizes, shapes and storage options to choose from

Divan bed cons

They tend to be less ornate and stylish than other varieties of bed

Only some divan beds offer extra storage.

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