8 Cheap DIY Furniture Projects to Try

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When you’re decorating your home, it can be tempting to buy what you want from a store. But there’s something truly amazing about making your own furniture—not only does it give you the satisfaction of knowing that you built something with your own hands, but it also gives your home an extra touch of personality. Plus, many of these projects are easy enough for beginners! So if you’re looking for some DIY ideas for unique pieces to put in your home, look no further. here are 8 Cheap DIY Furniture Projects to Try.

Create a coffee table from reclaimed wood

To make a coffee table from reclaimed wood, you’ll need to choose a piece of wood that is large enough to create the table. It should also be flat on one side so that it can sit flush on the floor. Using a cordless drill, drill holes into all four corners of your wood and then use these as guides for hammering nails through them.

Once you have secured all four pieces together with nails and screws (or whatever else works best), sand down any rough edges until they are smooth enough for use as furniture!

Make a side table with matching stools

If you’re looking for a way to make your home feel more like a home, consider making a side table and matching stools. This is an especially great DIY project if you have the space in your home but are lacking furniture.

You can use reclaimed wood for both pieces of this project. For example, if you have an old cabinet that needs repurposing or any other type of reclaimed wood item lying around, this would be perfect! If not, try looking at local thrift stores or Craigslist ads for something similar (if possible).

For stability and sturdiness purposes it’s important that both pieces are sturdy enough to hold up weight without toppling over too easily when someone sits down on them–so make sure that both pieces are well-built before moving forward with construction plans!

Build a frame for your TV

A wooden frame is easy to make and can be customized to fit your TV. You can choose to build it with or without a stand, mount, shelf and back (depending on whether you want the frame to hang on the wall or stand upright). If you’re looking for an extra touch of style in your living room–and who isn’t?–this project is perfect for creating something unique that will add character to any space.

Turn a dresser into a TV stand

Turn a dresser into a TV stand. Dressers make excellent TV stands, as they’re tall and have plenty of storage space on top. You can paint it to match your room, or add wheels to make it mobile.

Build a desk with storage space under the top surface. If you’re looking for something more traditional than turning an old dresser into something new, consider building yourself a desk that has storage space underneath its main working surface (you’ll need some tools like power tools and woodworking experience).

Turn an old door into a chalkboard door.

Turning an old door into a chalkboard is one of the most popular DIY projects around. This can be done using either an old door or a new one, but you’ll need to find one that’s in good condition and fits your space. If you don’t want the look of chalkboard on your doors (which might be better suited for kitchens), paint them any other color before applying the chalkboard paint kit!

When buying glass for this project, measure carefully so that it fits perfectly in place over your newly turned-into-chalkboard door.

Adorn an old desk with new hardware

If you have an old desk, cabinet or dresser that could use a little love, this is the project for you! First, drill holes in the top of your furniture piece. Measure out where you want your hardware to go and mark it with a pencil before drilling. 

You’ll need quite a few screws (depending on how many cabinets there are). It’s best not to skip this step because if you do skip it then things will fall apart later on! Next after drilling holes into your woodwork just screw in all of those shiny new knobs into place using another tool called screwdriver which acts like both hammering tool & screwdriver all in one package deal so make sure when purchasing one from local hardware store knows exactly what type.

Convert an old wine barrel into a bar cart or coffee table

You can find many different types of empty wine barrels at local liquor stores, wineries and breweries. You can also buy them online, but be sure to check the weight limit of your shipping carrier before placing your order. If you’re feeling ambitious, try converting an old wine barrel into a bar cart or coffee table!

Build a headboard out of pallets or cinder blocks and boards

Use a saw to cut wood. Nail pieces together with a hammer. Make holes with a drill and then fill them with nails or screws, depending on what you’re making and how much strength you need to hold it together (you can use this technique for furniture made from pallets and cinder blocks, too). Use wood glue when assembling large pieces of furniture that require extra support (like tables).

8 Cheap DIY Furniture Projects to Try, Conclusion

We hope these 8 Cheap DIY Furniture Projects to Try have inspired you to create something new for your home. If you need more inspiration, check out our other articles or follow us on social media! We love seeing what our readers are doing with their DIY projects and hearing how they’re making their homes even more beautiful.

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