Cheap decorating ideas for living room walls

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More than just a room, your living room is a window into your character and sense of style. It doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavour to redesign its walls. You can decorate your living room walls without breaking the bank with a little ingenuity and effort. This article offers you 10 inexpensive decorating suggestions that will give your home character, personality, and visual interest. Learn how to create a living room that looks like it belongs in a magazine without breaking the bank.

A gallery wall’s creation is an art form in and of itself. It’s a chance to display your most prized possessions and creative talents. You don’t need to use pricey art; even cherished snapshots, postcards, and magazine clippings can add greatly. To add an eclectic feel, mix and match frames of various sizes and hues. This arrangement on the wall not only has a strong visual impression, but it also sparks dialogue.

decorating ideas for living room

Self-made Wall Art

Create your own wall art to express your creative side. You don’t have to be an expert painter to produce great work. Try out abstract patterns, geometrical forms, or even a straightforward gradient. Stencils make it simple to create elaborate patterns, while acrylic paints are inexpensive and adaptable. Use your imagination to its fullest and transform your living area into a personal art gallery.

Nature’s Beauty

Nature offers a wealth of free or inexpensive design inspiration. Include items in your wall design like driftwood, dried leaves, or even pressed flowers. By arranging beautiful branches in a tall vase, you could produce a dramatic focal point. This not only gives your living room a touch of elegance, but it also links it to the natural beauty outside.

Decal Walls and Take Down Wallpaper

Consider using removable wallpaper or peel-and-stick wall decals if you’re apprehensive to make a long-term alteration. These have a broad variety of patterns, from simple ones to ones that imitate brick or wood. They are perfect for renters or anyone who enjoys often changing their decor because they are simple to apply and remove.

Mirrors of Deception

A decorator’s hidden weapon is a mirror. They not only give the impression of more space, but they also reflect light, giving the impression that the space is lighter and more airy. Look through antique shops for mirror frames, or for a special impact, group many smaller mirrors together. Even a tiny living space can appear larger by carefully positioning mirrors in key locations.

Vertical Shelves

Floating shelves are useful and aesthetically pleasing. They provide you a chance to show off your favourite artwork, books, plants, and other decorative items. Paint the shelves in a colour that goes well with the decor of your living room to give them a more unique feel. Try with different shelf configurations and lengths to create a balanced appearance.

Cheap decorating ideas

Tapestry with Texture

Your living room walls become cosier and more appealing with the addition of textured tapestries. A cloth tapestry can provide a touch of refinement while a macramé wall hanging might give off a boho vibe. The texture improves the room’s physical feel in addition to adding aesthetic interest.

Wall of vintage plates

Consider arranging elegant plates or platters on a wall for a touch of vintage charm. Visit thrift stores or antique markets to look for these hidden gems. When you arrange them in a nice arrangement, your wall will change into a special focal point that narrates a historical event.

Homemade Hanging Planters

It’s not necessary to use pricey pots or ornate plant stands to add greenery to your living area. Make your own hanging planters at home with inexpensive supplies like rope or twine. Use recycled materials to hold your plants, such as tin cans or mason jars. To create a captivating and revitalising show, hang these pots at various heights.

Washi Tape Pleasure

Without the permanence of paint or wallpaper, washi tape is a flexible tool that you may use to decorate your walls with colour and patterns. Using this beautiful tape, you may make faux headboards behind your sofa, frame art, or create geometric patterns. It’s a great method to try out different design ideas without committing.


A creative trip that can be quite gratifying is decorating your living room walls on a budget. You have the ability to fill your living area with your individual style and personality with the help of these 10 creative and inexpensive decorating ideas. The possibilities are boundless, ranging from gallery walls to DIY tasks, from quirky washi tape crafts to nature-inspired decor. Improve the aesthetic appeal of your living room without going over budget, and make the place a haven of inexpensive brilliance.


Can I actually change the walls in my living room on a shoestring budget?

Absolutely! Your living room walls don’t have to be pricey to be redone. You may get spectacular outcomes without spending a fortune with a little imagination and resourcefulness.

How do I make a gallery wall and what is it?

A gallery wall is a carefully organised collection of framed pictures, ornamental objects, and other accents. Collect a variety of frames in various sizes and styles to make one. Add your own images, creative works, or even downloadable quotes to them. Put them in a nice visual order on your wall, balancing regularity and variation.

I’m not an artist, either. How can I do wall art for my room?

Impressive DIY wall art is possible without artistic talent. Start with straightforward patterns like gradients, abstract shapes, or even a row of dots. Acrylic paints are inexpensive and accommodating. To create patterns with greater complexity, you can also use stencils or templates.

What are Cheap decorating ideas for living room walls?

Here are some cheap decorating ideas for living room walls: DIY art, photo galleries, removable decals, floating shelves, framed mirrors, nature-inspired decor, tapestries, painted accents, string lights, and vintage plates.

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