Fitting Guide For Divan Bed Bases

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After Buying divan bed From our Website them main problem our customer faces is how to fix divan bed so here we have given you full guide to assemble your divan bed easily. All our objects come with none fitting commands since we trust in saving the planet and try to reduce as lots garbage as feasible. However, as a lot of our clients request guides to assemble a divan bed base, we have put together this very beneficial manual on the way to fit a divan bed.

Step1: Fixing the Feets

Both bases have to have one aspect with spherical corners and one facet with square corners, the spherical corners continue to be on the outside and the square corners come collectively in the center, this is so you get a smooth joint where the 2 half of’s meet. Raise the bases on to their side so you are facing the underside of the bases where the black material is visible.

Get the feets of the divan bed base and insert them into the studs for the divan base legs.


After putting the castor wheels of divan base, faucet firmly until you can pay attention a click on in order to imply that the wheels have secured home. If you can’t hear a click don’t worry they may fasten domestic whilst you switch the mattress again into its accurate position and take a seat near the threshold to offer more stress.

Step2: Adjusting U clips

Adjusting two bases of divan bed we use U-clips and While the bed is on its side and your are facing the black underside cloth, Place the two U-Clips (steel or plastic , relying at the version of mattress) approximately 10cm from every part in the centre in which the two bases meet. If there may be no hole in the material for the U-Clips.

U Clips

You can without difficulty slit the black underside material to permit for the clips to lock securely over each base edges. Bring the mattress in to its proper position while assisting the bases at the important point where the clips had been vicinity.

Step3: Placing The Headboard

Placing the headboard of divan bed on each bases is indicated via plugs or stickers (Depending on the model of the mattress) on side with the rounded corners, please put off these plugs on the bottom you want to fit the headboard, this need to monitor the holes for the headboard bolts. Place the plastic washing machine onto the bolt and fix the bolt into the stud, it have to trap the thread after a few turns, Place the wooden headboard struts, which have been fixed to the rear of the headboard in advance and slide the struts over the bolt, making sure you hold the plastic washing machine on the outer side near the bolt head. Tighten the bolt enough so that it holds the headboard firmly in opposition to the mattress, Place the mattress onto the base and alter the peak of the headboard, then tighten securely the bolts so that the headboard does no longer circulate.

Step 5A

Step 5B

Step 5C

That all now enjoy your beautiful sleep on your divan bed and enjoy!!!


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