Top Trends in Bedding: What’s Hot and What’s Not?

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Bedroom decor trends are changing! Gone are the days of plain white duvets, solid colour sheets and standard-issue comforters. If you’re looking to update your bedroom space, take a peek at these five hot trends in bedding:

Luxury Fabrics

Luxury fabrics are a sign of quality, comfort and good taste. They’re also a sign of luxury, elegance and sophistication.

If you have the budget for it, luxury bedding can be an excellent investment in your home decor–and if you don’t have one yet? Well then maybe it’s time to start saving up!

There are many different types of luxury fabrics to choose from. Cotton, silk and wool are all popular choices, as is microfiber. The latter is often blended with polyester or rayon for added softness, durability and breathability. While you may be tempted by luxurious cotton sheets or satin duvets, don’t forget that they require special care in order to keep them looking their best!


Texture is a key element of bedding trends. It can be soft, smooth and silky, or it can be rough and textured. Some people like the feeling of certain textures more than others; some people prefer to sleep on softer surfaces while others like firmness that gives them more support and keeps them from rolling around during the night.

As you’re shopping for new sheets, consider whether you want your sheets to be soft or more durable–and why? Are you going through phases where your skin needs extra moisture in winter (or less)? Is there something specific about your sleep patterns that necessitates one type of material over another? If so, this might guide what kind of texture would work best for you.

Statement Pillows

Statement pillows are a great way to add colour and pattern to your bedroom. When you’re making the bed, they can be used as focal points that tie together all of the other elements in the room. You can also use them as accents that add texture, comfort and personality.

Pillows should be chosen with care so they complement not only each other but also any existing ones on your bedding set or duvet cover (if applicable).

Luxury bedding sets can be an excellent way to upgrade the look and feel of your bedroom. They’re often a great investment because they will last for years and years, even with regular useWhen choosing pillows, it’s important to consider what colour scheme you’re going for. If you have a lot of neutral colours in your bedroom, bright and bold patterns can be fun. On the other hand, if you want something more subtle and understated, you may want to stick with solid coloured pillows instead.

Bedroom Decor Trends

Colour And Pattern

Colour and pattern are still popular, but the way people use them is changing. Colour can be used to add personality to a room and make it feel more like home. It’s not just about finding your favourite colour–it’s about choosing colours that work together in harmony (or at least don’t clash). For example, if you want to create an earthy vibe with browns and greens, try using complementary colours like red or orange elsewhere in the space (like on throw pillows or artwork).

Patterns are also trending right now–but they’re not all bold geometric shapes; some designers have been incorporating subtler patterns into their designs as well! For example: chevron stripes were everywhere last year but now we’re seeing more subtle versions of this pattern being used throughout home decor items such as bedding sets.

Boho Chic

Boho chic. This is a style of decor that combines bohemian and romantic elements. It’s about comfort, relaxation and indulgence–and it’s often associated with a free spirit. Boho decor is all about mixing patterns, textures and colours to create a look that feels personal to you.

If you’re thinking of going boho in your bedroom but aren’t sure where to start, here are some ideas:

  • Add an eclectic mix of pillows on your bed or sofa; try adding different fabrics (e.g., velvet) as well as shapes (round vs square). Don’t be afraid of colour either! You can opt for bright reds or blues if they speak to your personality best!
  • Add some fun artwork above the headboard–this can range from posters/postcards collected during travels around the world all the way up through commissioned paintings by local artists who know how much people love them because they have been featured on TV shows like “The Bachelor.” If nothing else works then just go ahead buy some prints online.
Bedroom Decor Trends

Bedroom decor trends are changing, but they’re not disappearing. Some of the trends that were popular in the past have become less popular, while others are becoming more popular. The future of bedding is one of constant change and evolution as new designs come into fashion, then fade out again a few years later.


The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home, and it’s also one where you can really let your personality shine through. Bedroom decor trends are changing, but they’re not disappearing. If anything, there’s more opportunity than ever before to create a space that reflects who you are!

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What are the current bedroom decor trends in bedding?

The current bedroom decor trends in bedding include luxury fabrics like cotton, silk, and microfiber, which offer comfort and sophistication. Texture is another important element, with options ranging from soft and silky to rough and textured, catering to different preferences and sleep patterns. Statement pillows are also on-trend, serving as focal points and adding color and personality to the room. Additionally, color and pattern play a vital role in creating a unique and harmonious atmosphere, with boho chic styles combining bohemian and romantic elements.

Why should I consider luxury fabrics for my bedding?

Luxury fabrics, such as cotton, silk, and wool, are synonymous with quality, comfort, and elegance. Investing in luxury bedding can elevate the overall look and feel of your bedroom. While there are other options like microfiber, which offer added softness and durability, luxury fabrics exude a sense of sophistication that can enhance your home decor. Just keep in mind that luxury fabrics may require special care to maintain their pristine appearance over time.

How can I incorporate boho chic style into my bedroom decor?

To incorporate boho chic style into your bedroom decor, embrace an eclectic mix of patterns, textures, and colors. Start by adding a variety of pillows with different fabrics and shapes, such as velvet and round or square cushions. Don’t shy away from vibrant colors like bright reds or blues that resonate with your personality. Include fun artwork above the headboard, which can range from posters collected during travels to commissioned paintings by local artists. By mixing and matching elements, you can create a personalized and relaxed boho chic atmosphere in your bedroom.

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