5 Best Room Party Decoration Ideas

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You may be planning an event, or you might just want to celebrate a special occasion with family and friends. Whatever the reason for your party, it’s always a good idea to have some room party decoration ideas on hand. And if you’re looking for 6 fun ideas for decorating your next party, then look no further!

Balloon Ceiling

Balloons are a fun and inexpensive way to create a ceiling for your party. Make sure you have enough balloons to cover the entire ceiling. You will need at least twice as many balloons as you think you’ll need, so err on the side of caution, especially if your space has high ceilings or vaulted arches.

Use different colours of balloons to make it more interesting. Each room should have at least one colour scheme represented in its decorating scheme (e.g., red balloons in the living room, blue and silver ones in the dining room). If one colour scheme becomes too dominant, break it up by using an array of different coloured balloons throughout each room instead!

Tie them to the ceiling with string – this is especially important if there’s a chance that people might bump into them throughout the night (like when dancing). Read More

Festive Plates And Bowls

When it comes to plates and bowls, you can have a lot of fun with colour. You don’t have to stick to one specific shade either—a range of colours is good. Make sure you use different materials too; not all plates need to be ceramic! Plastic, wood and metal are all good options when it comes to offering your guests an attractive place for their food.

When it comes down to the decoration, there’s no limit for what kind of pattern or texture you can use on your tableware. It’s important that each plate or bowl has its own distinct look so that people know who they’re eating from at a glance (and also so they don’t get confused).

As far as shape goes, try something unique like squares instead of round or rectangular shapes (this will help keep things interesting!). If you don’t want anything standard because it’s too boring then make sure that each piece has its own personality by using varying sizes across the table!

Easy Place Settings

Place settings: Use a large tray to hold the place settings. This can be something you have in your kitchen, or if you’re planning ahead, use something like this beautiful brass tray. It’s also great for parties because it’s easy to carry around and you’ll have everything you need right there!

Cutlery: If using a tray for your cutlery is too much for you (it is for me), then try using smaller trays or bowls instead. These are easier on the eye than an entire table covered in silverware, and make it easier to move things around if needed (and trust me—they will need moving).

Napkins: I love how this napkin ring looks like a flower before it’s been used! The added touch of color makes such an impact when setting the table for guests; plus, these are perfect for making sure all napkins match no matter what patterned plates or cups you’re using!

Condiments: We’ve talked about condiment containers before but they’re still just as good today! They come in so many sizes and shapes that even if your dining room isn’t big enough (or doesn’t fit any tables), there should be something here that works well with what space does exist around the party area.”

Playful Paper Lanterns

Start with some paper lanterns, which can be purchased in most party supply stores. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but you’ll want to start with something large enough to be seen across the room.

Hang your paper lanterns on strings or ribbons to create a ceiling-to-floor string of lights effect that will bring warmth and festivity to your space, no matter what time of year it is!

Add some springtime flair with floral decorations—try white tulle or lace doilies (available at craft stores). Tie them up high and let them drape down over the sides of each lampshade like curtains in a window or doorway; then use colorful tulle or other fabric scraps along the bottom edge for added effect!

For summer parties, add some glittering streamers hanging down from each corner of each lampshade; these will reflect light from below onto walls around them as well as being festive! If you plan on having an outdoor barbecue later during this event season then consider drilling holes into one side panel where everyone sits so that everyone has access when needed without having too far away from food preparation areas.”

A Colourful Candy Buffet

For a candy buffet that’s more like a candy explosion, use a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. To make your buffet look even more interesting, use clear containers for the candies. If you don’t have any of these on hand, plastic cups or bowls work just as well! A tablecloth will also help to transform your table into something more elegant than it is when covered in wrappers and spills.


We hope these party decoration ideas have inspired you to create a party that’s unique and memorable. Remember, planning is important! This means making sure you have the right supplies on hand and thinking through how much time things will take. The best parties are always those where the host has put in extra effort—and we think it’s worth it!

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