What can I Decorate my Living Room Walls with?

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The walls of your living room, which serves as the centre of your house, are like a blank canvas just begging to be decorated with your distinct sense of style and individuality. You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re trying to decide how to decorate the walls of your living room.

We’ll look at a tonne of imaginative and fashionable wall décor ideas that will liven up your living area in this blog. We provide something for every taste, from timelessly fashionable novelties to cutting-edge classics. Let’s start now!

Decorate my Living Room Walls with?

Making a gallery wall is one of the most common ways to decorate the walls of your living room. This enables you to exhibit a diverse range of artwork, pictures, and sentimental items. For a look that is effortlessly stylish, pick a theme or mix & match.

Mirrors (living room mirrors)

Mirrors give your living area a glamorous touch while also giving the impression of more space. Choose a large statement mirror with an elaborate frame or a collection of smaller mirrors for a distinctive look.

Shelves that float (Shelves in Living Room)

Decorate my Living Room Walls with?

Floating shelves combine functionality and style. Use them to showcase ornamental items, books, plants, or a mix of all three. Your walls get depth and personality thanks to them.

Wall decals (Wall Art Decals)

When looking for a quick but effective design solution, wall decals are a great option. When you want a change, they are simply removed or replaced and come in a variety of patterns.

Wall hanging or a tapestry (wall tapestries)

 Living Room Walls

A beautiful tapestry or wall hanging will give your living area a bit of bohemian flair. These textiles can add a distinctive texture to your area and serve as a focus point.

Metal Wall Art (Metal Wall Decor)

A contemporary and sleek choice that complements numerous design trends is metal wall art. Metal art can make a strong statement, whether you choose abstract patterns or those that are inspired by nature.

Artwork that Floats (Art that Floats in the Living Room)

Living Room Walls

By ‘floating’ your art on the wall with recessed lighting, you may add a touch of refinement. Your living space will have depth and drama with this strategy.

Wall art that is customised (customised wall art)

Display the history of your family with personalised wall art. Family photos, personalised artwork, and handcrafted objects with sentimental worth might all fall under this category.

Greenery & Plants (Living Room Wall Planters)

Use vertical gardens or wall-mounted pots to bring the outside in. In addition to purifying the air, greenery gives your living room a revitalising natural feel.

Textured wall coverings (also known as textured wallpapers)


For a tasteful and tactile wall design option, take into account textured wallpapers. Wallpapers can completely change the look of a room, whether they include dramatic designs or soft linen textures.


The walls of your living room are not just barriers that define your area; they are the very soul of your house. Like an artist with an empty canvas, you have the opportunity to mould these walls to reflect your unique style, whether you prefer the simple simplicity of minimalist design, the intricacy of maximalist style, or a balance between the two. Each wall décor choice is tailored to your individual preferences.

Variety of Choices

The beauty is in the sheer variety of choices available, which enables you to design a space that genuinely speaks to your soul. Do not be hesitant to explore uncharted territory. Try out various materials, colours, and textures. To create a distinctive fusion that is uniquely you, mix and match styles. It should be a journey of self-discovery and creative exploration to decorate your living room walls. But keep in mind that having fun is the most important factor amid all the experimenting and inventiveness. Decorating your living room shouldn’t be a work; rather, it should be a fun activity that makes you happy each time you enter the space. It’s an opportunity to fill your home with items that tell tales and represent your travels, interests, and passions.

Your home ultimately reflects your personality and values; it serves as your shelter. With these wall decor ideas, you can express yourself and surround yourself with comfort and warmth, instead of just making cosmetic changes. So get creative, let your imagination run wild and let the walls in the living room tell your story. 

Explore a variety of wall decor solutions at Arteriorz.co.uk to make your living space a true work of art! Remember that finding wall decor that speaks to you and makes your living space feel like home is the secret to great wall art.

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1. What inexpensive wall decor options are there for my living room?

·         Consider purchasing reasonably priced prints of well-known paintings or using paint to create your own.
·         DIY Wall Art: Use your creativity to make DIY wall art such as framed fabric, paper crafts, or string art.
·         Wall decals: These are frequently affordable and have a variety of designs.

2. How do I decide on the best wall colour for my living room?

·         Calming hues like blues and greens are good for relaxation, while warm tones like reds and yellows offer vigour.
·         Try out some paint swatches in the space to see how they seem in various lighting situations.
·         Don’t forget to take into account the colours of your current furniture and décor.

3. How should artwork be positioned on a gallery wall?

·         Place the largest piece in the centre first, then arrange the pieces outward.
·         For visual appeal, maintain a balance between sizes and forms and change the distance between frames.
·         To make sure your arrangement is symmetrical and aligned, use a level and measuring tape.

4. How can I make the walls of my living room appear broader or taller?

·         Use vertical stripes or towering bookcases to give the illusion that walls are higher.
·         Use horizontal stripes or broad mirrors to give the appearance of broader walls.
·         Strategically placing furniture can also provide the impression of additional space.

4. How can I make the walls of my living room appear broader or taller?

·         Use vertical stripes or towering bookcases to give the illusion that walls are higher.

·         Use horizontal stripes or broad mirrors to give the appearance of broader walls.

·         Strategically placing furniture can also provide the impression of additional space.

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